Random Happenings
DrakenRisk is never dull

The messenger panted as he skidded to a halt in the hallway.

“Report” the Queen commanded distractedly.

“Jan 9th
After a long and bloody battle the Thieves’ Guild took over the territory of Solace Rumor has it that all who need to pass through the territory must pay a safe passage fee or face the consequences …

Jan 10th
The unionist white rabbits in Wartsworth rebelled against the Lepus and lost…the lands are covered in rabbit fluff." the youth spat out.

The Queen looked up. “Thank you for your services. You are dismissed.”

Welcome to Drakenfjord
A bit of history

Ten years ago a small group of refugees fled the old realm and set out to create a new home…The Outpost of Drakenfjord was formed. Then after a great deal of hard work it grew into a kingdom of its own. There were many battles with the undead, miner skirmished with pretenders to the throne, demons and other monsters as well as a few wars. Today the Free Kingdom of Drakenfjord hoists its banner proudly amongst the Combined Realms.
Recently the Crown has decided to grant lands to the nobility of the Realm and see how they fair at protecting it against the forces that may come or rise against them.


Nobles will be assigned starting lands on January 9, 2011. The first action will take place after that.


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