Random Happenings

DrakenRisk is never dull

The messenger panted as he skidded to a halt in the hallway.

“Report” the Queen commanded distractedly.

“Jan 9th
After a long and bloody battle the Thieves’ Guild took over the territory of Solace Rumor has it that all who need to pass through the territory must pay a safe passage fee or face the consequences …

Jan 10th
The unionist white rabbits in Wartsworth rebelled against the Lepus and lost…the lands are covered in rabbit fluff." the youth spat out.

The Queen looked up. “Thank you for your services. You are dismissed.”


“Well, it’s happened again. The beast rampaged again. Sourfitch this time. Didn’t get nothing but the old rubble from the last time though. D’y’spose a Drak’o’litch c’n go senile?” the farmer asked.

“I ‘ear th’ zombies fell on Rockwood too. Death an’ decay everywhere. ‘T ain’t right, what them wizards do!”

Bang! The door made a resounding noise as it was thrown open by a small group of young warriors. “Long live the Queen!” they bellowed as they staggered in.

“What you youn’ens goin on ’bout?” asked the Druid in the corner.

Black Patrick was brought down yesterday! Lockton is free! We’ve come to proclaim our loyalty to the rightful ruler! Long Live Queen Katrin II!!"

Random Happenings

Queen Katrin II was discouraged by the reports she had received regarding the war between Havenswatch and Kaladen. She had been hoping that the dynamic young blood in Havenswatch would be able to keep the troublemakers in Kalladen occupied for a while. On Jan 14th the reports were less encouraging. “Regina successfully convinced the populace of the territory of Kia Eed that she is their rightful Queen and began construction of a Keep” was followed with the news that “The sawmill in Lyrinsblood was completed

Random Happenings

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